Phoenix in the Sun

Posted: 04/09/2011 in Dance

April 2 – 3
Back from a great workshop weekend in Phoenix, AZ!
Huge thanks to Mike Gadberry for bringing me out, and to Lisa Brink for assisting me during the workshops.
I had a very nice time with everybody, and big-ups to all who took lessons. It is always a good and inspiring thing to see everybody be challenged and grow in their dancing.

Till next time :)


Fun in the UK

Posted: 04/09/2011 in Dance, Videos

March 12 – 13
Had a great time teaching swing workshops and performing with Elizabeth Lague in the UK.
Huge thanks to all who made it out to the workshops in Liverpool, and big thanks to Lee Easton, and Sam Robins of World Dance Masters for bringing us out for such a great time. See you all again in the future!

Pete G

Here’s a clip of Elizabeth and I dancing in Liverpool.

Just got back from the California Swing Dance Hall of fame dinner/dance. Pretty stoked to have been just inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Nova Star category!

Considering the list of other swing dancers I’ve just joined, I’m quite honored.
Here are this year’s results, and here’s the Hall of Fame winners from previous years.

Huge thanks to all that voted, I am honored, humbled, and inspired.


Pete’s Dance Page

Posted: 11/04/2010 in Dance

Welcome to a web page about Pete Green and dancing. This page has only just begun, but will hopefully go under some good changes while I get more information up and organized about how to contact me, and where and when I’ll be traveling for dance related things.

This page will also likely include some information about where I come from, movement-wise. More on that later.